Download One Piece Mugen APK v12.0 For Android [No Ads]

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One Piece Mugen Apk


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PublisherZinnat Gaming
Mod FeaturesRewards, Unlocked Characters, Challenges

Anime and Manga Series are the most popular Anime and Action series. Inspired by the characters and the gameplay of that series, One Piece Mugen APK was developed for Android and iOS devices. This action and enthusiastic game is for you with exclusive rewards, challenges, and unlocked characters to play like in Mini Militia. All the gameplay and the characters are updated. 

The developer of the game, Zinnat Gaming has added all the values to keep you engaged for hours. The size of the game is just 350 MBs. high 3-D Graphics and the characters are amazing. There are 250 characters and all of those are unlocked for you. 

Familiar Characters of One Piece Mugen APK

The anime series is more interesting with the addition of the following characters;

  • Monkey – As the name shows, this character is the most familiar with what Luffy possesses, a pirate hat, and strong limbs. He is the pirate king with unlimited powers. He is fearless capitation.
  • Rorona Zoro – this character has a unique three-sword style and leads a crew. He has higher dreams and abilities.
  • Nami – he is a friend of pirates and knows well about the weather patterns. He has all the valuable knowledge in the coming days.
  • Robin – She has the power to grow fruits and is a valuable asset to the captain. Nico Robin can extend her limbs and explore more worlds.
  • Sanji – He is a cook and martial artist. He wants to explore more blue seas to find fish and cook it for food. 
  • Kaido – this anime character has with unique power of controlling fellow characters. He helps the king.
  • Chopper – he is the action anime, with great powers to fight with the enemy and protect the lands.
  • Franky – Franky has managemental powers and the power to use the weapons with great accuracy.

 There are 19 characters which are quite powerful and make the game more interesting and interactive. All have unique powers to show their actions.

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Modes of One Piece Mugan

The game has multiple modes. You can try any of those. Out of those, 3 modes are more interesting;

One Piece Mugen Apk

Training Mode

If you are new to the world of Anime Action of One Piece Mugen APK, you must try this training mode. This will help you to get practice and polish your moves and skills. Moreover, you can refine your combo powers.


This is another kind of training mode where you can play against the CPU. All the characters are unlocked and available in the game and you can choose any of them to play with. Learn from the skills of the other characters.

Arcade Mode

This powerful mod is to help the pirate captain. There are many challenges faced by the straw hat pirate captain, fighting with the opponents and passing through all the levels and stages. Moreover, the difficulty of these levels and modes is high.

Story Mode

At the start of the game, a story will follow the scenes and you will see the flow of the game. You can play the game in the mode and follow the on-screen directions. 

Multiplayer Mode

Be online using an internet connection and play the game with your friends. Compete with those all around the world.

One Piece Mugen Apk

Premium Features of One Piece Mugan

The game has some premium features to help in more engagement

Unlocked Characters

In the game, all the characters are unlocked. All have diverse powers and abilities. You can use all those abilities to help the straw hat pirates.

One Piece Mugen Apk

Game Modes and Challenges

All three modes of the game are unlocked and available in the premium version of Mugen One Piece APK. This keeps the adventure of the game at its highest. Use your skills to make it perfect.

No Ads

There will be no ads to restrict your anime characters to show their skills like in Dead Trigger 2. Enjoy an ad-free experience after downloading the anime action game.

Amazing Rewards

As the levels of the game increase, there will be more rewards for you. In the arcade mode, you will get exclusive rewards and use those to get premium features all in one. These are the currency of One Piece Mugen APK.

How to Download One Piece Mugen Free for Android?

Download all Anime Mugen One Piece for free from the Play Store. Follow the following simple steps.

  • Open our webpage.
  • In the search bar, search for the game name
  • Click it to open the link
  • Get the APK file after pressing the “Download” Button
  • Install the game easily.


See anime characters in action in the One Piece Mugen APK. Multiple characters will help you to make the game more interesting and enjoy their functions. Help all the character to support their pirate hat king. Train yourself and then play hard modes of the game. Download it for free now from our webpage.


Follow the directions in the “how to download” part above mentioned and download it easily for free from our webpage.

The character will be available in the gameplay and you can use all of them with different facilities and powers. 

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