Among Us Mod Apk v11.28 (Mega Menu, Unlocked All)

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Among Us Mod APK


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PublisherInnersloth LLC
Mod FeaturesWeapons, Interesting Gameplay

Sometimes it happens that in a hijacked plan, it becomes difficult to recognize who is the creator, the imposter, and who is the passenger. Among us, the mod app helps you to recognize the traitors strategically. With HD graphics and simple gameplay, you can catch the traitor make a team, and chat with friends in a chat room. Among us help to do all this as a teamwork.

This strategic and action game is just 475 MBs and the latest version of 2024 has High graphics and vivid scenes—all of these help in engaging gameplay. The gameplay is simple and you can play it on your Android even with the 4.0 version.

Story of Among Us Mod APK

The story and the concept of the game are simple. The strategy is to find the traitor and kill him strategically. However, as the traitors look like the passengers, you need to be pretty careful.

The passengers and the crewmen might be busy with their usual tasks. They might be unaware of the heinous activities of the traitors and troublemakers. Everything in the game was going well and then, the traitors broke in.

You need to identify these traitors and kill them. However, for this, you need a team. The gameplay allows you to make a chatroom and invite your friends. The action would be simply completed with the help of teammates.

How to Play Among Us?

The strategy game pack of Among Us Mod APK is a simple game with easy flow. Here, you are a team leader and there is a crew and the passengers who need your help. Save them from the traitors.

Here, you will have a mission. The imposter will be there to kill the passengers and the crewmen. They may also attack you surprisingly. The major task is to identify them and kill them.

Among Us Mod APK

On the game screen, you will have a power bar to show you how much power and energy you have with you. Use the navigation panel, move along, find the traitors, and kill them with the updated weapons. The completion of the mission will bring a reward for you.

Interesting Features of Among Us Mod APK 

This strategy and action game is famous for the following features.

Interesting Gameplay

The strategy, planning, and identification of the traitors and imposters make the game interesting. It goes like a story. This seems like a hijacked story. You will love the gameplay as it seems you are just watching a film.

The action makes the game more interesting where you need to save the common passengers and be a precise shooter to kill the target. The early completion will bring more rewards for you.

Create a Room and Chat with Friends

You can’t play a strategy game alone. you need a team to plan, perform, and win. Thus, you need a team. The gameplay allows you to make a team, divide simple tasks, and execute them. This will bring you success.

Moreover, you can make social interaction with other team members. Chat with them in the chat rooms, build a strategy, and go for an easy win. However, if you can complete tasks alone, it will bring more rewards for you.

Latest Weapons to Find the Traitors and Kill

The gameplay allows you to play the role of Imposter as well. Here, you need updated and latest weapons. This will help you to kill the crewman. You can kill your target with these easy-to-use guns.

You need to focus on all the people. If anyone looks suspicious, you must notice it. If a member is repeating the task again and again, it means there is a problem. Notice it as he might be a traitor or imposter.

Mod Features of Among Us APK?

The developer has a modded version of the game to end limitations and make it easy to go with updated mod features. Following are some of the outstanding modded features.

Among Us Mod App

Be an Imposter

The gameplay allows you to act like a savior or an imposter. You can be an imposter and kill other crewmen. However, in any mode, you always need to complete your tasks, otherwise, you will not be rewarded.

No Ads and Free

In any smooth gameplay, ads may interrupt playful enjoyment. You need ad-free gameplay for full enjoyment. All this is available in the modded version of the Among Us APK game.

These pro features of the game are free in the mod menu like in AFK Arena. You just need to visit our site, get it downloaded and installed, and play. All the unlimited and unlocked features will be waiting for you.

How to Download and Play Among Us Mod APk Free?

The download process is easy. You can get the updated and Latest version of 2024 for free by following these 3 steps.

Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

  • Go to the settings and security and Privacy
  • On the top, click it and check the “unknown sources” option
  • Now your device can download files from 3rd party

Step 2: How to Download Among Us?

Step 3: How to Install Among Us Mod Menu?

  • Follow the track of the APK file
  • Click it to install
  • Follow the instructions, select the name of your character and its role
  • From the home page icon, click it to launch and play.
How to Download and Play Among Us Mod APk Free


Play Among Us Mod APK and apply your strategy to find and kill traitors. You can be an imposter or a crewman. Create a chatroom and with your friends, plan better gameplay. High graphics, a simple mode menu, weaponry for action, and wise friends can win rewards for you. Download it now and play the amazing strategy and action game.


The imposters are the creators and hijackers. If any importer kills the crewmate, the crewmate will be dead physically. However, he will be there as a ghost and can help other live crewmates on the plane.

No, as the name of the game shows you need your friends to be “Among Us” players. Invite your friends, chat with them, plan, and perform. 

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