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Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK


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Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems, Unlimited Skins

An attractive MOBA, survival, adventure, and action game can take you far away in fun and excitement like in Gangstar New Orleans. Heroes Strike offline Mod APK is such an amazing game where you can play in PvP game mode with your 3vs3 friends in a highly cartoonic graphic environment. Use unlimited gems to buy boosters and get unlocked skins to add value to the game. Download it for free and play in offline mode.

The game is based on a limited-time format. Here, you only have to be in action for 3 minutes and you will move to the next level. Wolffun has developed it to make it more and more exciting. The game has 9 levels, 10 arenas, and 9 rankings.

This game is addictive for the action lover and they can play it for hours. There are 9 arenas, each with different and unique gameplay. However, encounters with cartoony characters happen on every level. The game is in multiplayer mode where you can back your teammates and win the game easily.

Moreover, the gameplay is supportive for the player who loves to change the gameplay shortly. As the game has multiple levels but short of about 3 minutes each, you need to change your strategy to win each level. Deploy the most powerful and trusted strategy at each level.

How to Play Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK?

The game mod menu is available in 3 different modes. Every mode is engaging, interesting, and full of action. You can select any of the game modes as per your skills. Every skill is dramatic and exciting.

After launching the game, the gameplay will demand from you the type of level you want to play. Select easy, 3vs3, or battle royale game mode. The modes are not just to play and win, but they are to make you skillful.

The game is with easy touchscreen controls. Your heroes will strike in offline mode after downloading and you can manage their movement in the game by an on-screen navigational button. Your cartoony character will be at the center of the screen and you can control its battlefield.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

On the right side of the screen, you will see 4 small circles. These circles are the stats of the game for you. The larger circle with a dark background is the navigation control button to move your character right, left, up, or down. A smaller circle at the bottom shows the power you have to continue your fight.

Moreover, there is another circle with a dropping circle stats. That circle is to show you the time left to complete the level. As the game is just 4 minutes long. You need to focus on the completion of the game within the given time.

Additionally, there are some other bars on the screen. If you have bought boosters to win the game well before time, the bars will show your level of booster. Bot and boosters will help you to make speedy progress in the game.

What are the Game Requirements for Heroes Strike Offline?

If you want to play MOBA 3vs3 battle on the battlefield of Heroes Strike Offline, your device must have the following specifications. These specs will help you to play the game smoothly on your device.

Mobile Requirements

Here is the list of Android Mobile Requirements

Operating systemAndroid
CPUQuad Core 4.0 or more
Storage space96 MBs or more
Graphics NVIDIAGraphics NVIDA
Internet accessOnly for downloading
Supported Language language

PC Requirements

The Windows operating system is to play the game on a larger screen for more engaging and interesting gameplay. All this helps you to make fun of this cartoony action in a new way. To play this on the PC with Windows 7, 8, and 10, you need the following requirements;

Operating systemWindows 7, 8 & 10
Free Storage Space100 MBs
Internet accessOnly at the time of downloading

Features of Heroes Strike Offline Game

The action and adventure game of Heroes Strike Offline has the following clean and mod features;

Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

Upgraded Cartonic Graphic Characters

At the very start screen of the game, the mode menu will ask for the character selection like in Among Us. There are different classes of heroes. You need to select the one with your favorite characteristics. However, the mod menu allows you to customize your character later.

There are many other interesting options you can add to your characters. Some cartoonic heroes want to fight with large cannons or short guns. You can also add swords, bows, arrows, and other weapons. All these will be at your back and you need to apply a suitable strategy to win as early as possible.

High-Quality Design

The battlefield will be of High Graphics, clear, with vivid environments and stunning characters. The cartoonic characters of Heroes Strike offline Mod APK look amazing and colorful. There are some cards like the skill cards, and healing cards to make the game highly engaging. 

High-quality images, 3-D appearance, and heroic clear quality of the game are above all. This will help you to enjoy a different game. Besides this, eye-catching characters and their acts can help you play for hours.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

Multiple Game Modes

The game Heroes Strike offline is with 3 interesting gameplay

  • Battle Royale Mode – This is the survival game mode. Here, you are alone and need to apply all the strategies to stand alone until the end. Fight with all others in the game.
  • 3vs3 PVP Mode – This is a multiplayer game mode to tie and pair up with the other 2 players. The goal is to destroy the opponents. Here, you have all types of weapons and dominate the battlefield. Enjoy 3 vs 3 MOBA multiplayer mode.
  • Easy game Mode – This one is the starter game mode. Here you are just to try and polish your skills. Besides survival mode, you can take it lite.

Mod Features of Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk

Unlimited Gems

Every game mode is a drama but no drama can be as engaging as you want with limitation like in Dead Trigger 2. If there are limited features unlocked, you will lose heart. However, the game is loaded with some other interesting features.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

Unlimited Boosters

As we have talked about the fast gameplay. The game is time-dependent and you need to complete your mission well before the time. All this is only possible when you are using guns and cannons properly.

However, still, there are chance of getting short of time. All this can be compensated with the use of boosters. The boost will help you to speed up the gameplay. Use your weapons at high speed to destroy your enemies.

Unlimited Skins

The Heroes Strile Offline Mod game with cartoony characters like in Nova Legacy. These characters have high graphics. To make these characters prominent and engaging, you can use customized skins. These skins will make them more interesting.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod App

Join the ultimate weaponry action game and experience all this live. In the gameplay, 9 different skins are there but you can add more colors. Try all these one by one and then select the best for your character.

No Ads

The gameplay of Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK will be eye-catching and you need to play it at a high response rate like in Mortal Kombat. All this will be destroyed if an ad will pop up. The modded version of the latest game is without any ads.

How to Download Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK?

You can download the latest version of the Heroes Strike Offline MOBA for free for your Android and PC devices for free

Download For Android

The download process will be in just 3 simple steps;

Step 1: Allow “Unknown Sources” for Android.

  • Go to the settings of your device and then to “Security and Privacy”.
  • On the top, enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Now, your device is ready to download and install apk file.

Step 2: Downloading Process

  • Open your mobile browser like Chrome or Opera.
  • In the search bar of your browser, search for “Heroes Strike Offline for Download”
  • The results will show our webpage 
  • At the top. Click and find the download link on the button from our webpage
  • Click it and download the 96 MB file will be downloaded in your file manager.
How to Download Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK?

Step 3: Installation Process for Mortal X Komabt

  • Follow the track of the APK file from the device storage. It will be in the file manager.
  • Click it to start the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for the completion of the process
  • Add your username for the Hero Character.
  • Launch the game from the home screen.
  • After launching, start your career mode in any of the gameplay modes.
  • Click “Continue” to launch and play.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk for PC

The game is playable on Windows 7, 8, and 10 with all the available features. All are updated and the latest versions support it. If you are planning to have a big-screen gameplay experience, play Heroes Strike on your Windows device. 

However, for this, you need an additional installation. It would help if you had a strong emulator. Emulators like; NOX, Memu, or Bluestacks. All these will work perfectly. Download and install these emulators from the official websites available. You need to import APK files to play on emulators.


Enjoy battles in the battlefields of Heroes Strike offline mod apk with 3 engaging game modes. Play it solo with easy mode, multiplayer with 3vs3 mode, or the battle royale mode with other friends. You will have unlimited gems, money, and a fully unlocked character with customized options. You will love HD graphics and cartoony characters. Download it and play it for free.


The modded version of the game is with unlimited money and gems. You can unlock all the limitations by downloading the mod APK and from the mod menu, selecting “unlimited money”

Follow these simple 3 steps;

  1. Install the updated version from
  2. The version on the are updated and the latest.
  3. Delete the already downloaded version of the game

Yes, after the already available 3 modes of the game, another, the fourth version, and game mode are in the same row. It will be on the video game shortly.

The new mode of the game heroes strike is “Break Tower Mode”. The goal is the destroy the towers of the enemy and cause damage to them.

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