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PublisherShikstoo Games
Mod FeaturesEasy Controls, Graphics and Sounds

Helping a girl with a broken heart would bring happiness to you and you will feel better. Lost Life 2 APK will give you such a feeling that you have to help a girl with negative surroundings like in Camp Buddy. This story-mode game has multiple ways to create happiness. You will be with freedom of action where you can show your fashion sense to amuse the sad girl. Download it and play fantastic moments for entertainment.

Lost Life APK demands you to immerse in a story where your positivity can create happiness. It is social learning as well where you can learn how to play a positive role in the society around you. This story-based simulation game was developed by Shikstoo Games. The size of the updated 2024 version is 160 MBs.

Story Behind Lost Life 2 APK

The story of Lost Life revolves around a girl. This female character is living in a small town in a lonely house. She feels sad every time. She is your main character and you need to simulate her with different changes to bring happiness in her life.

Lost Life 2 App

This little teen girl of 14 years needs your love and care. Give her food, gifts, clothes, outfits, and everything to attract her. Moreover, there are multiple ways to amuse her and bring happiness to her life.

Diverse Gameplay Features of Lost Life 2

The gameplay is diverse and entertaining with the following features;

Lost Life 2 APK game

Multiple Game Mode

The gameplay is enjoyable as it is diverse as per your choice. It has 3 most famous game modes;

  • Story Mode – This gameplay is continuous with different stages of the story. You need to start from the first phase and move on.
  • Single Player Mode – If you are good enough at creation, you must try this mode. Here, you have the independence to create your character and fully adore it.
  • Multiplayer Game Mode – Play this online mode with your friends. Invite them through social media and have fun mutually.

Easy Controls

On the home screen, you will find 4 tabs;

  • Start – By pressing this, you will enter in the gameplay
  • Chapter – Here, you will land on the story mode where you can go to the selected chapter.
  • Config – This tab helps you to make customization in the character. You can add any fashion, beauty, or article to make your character happy.
  • Exit – This tab allows you to leave the gameplay.

Free Actions

Lost Game app will launch a bundle of free actions for you. You will have the freedom to add any articles or fashion. However, try to focus on the happiness and liking of the characters. Always try to add colors to the dark life of the lost girl.

Graphics and Sounds

Cool graphics and mystical sounds of the game will attract you. The environment at home will attract you as it is quite simple like in Teaching Feeling. The character images are high in graphics and vivid.

Lost Life 2

New Outfit and Fashion

The latest version of the game has some new options for clothing. You will get more options for you to add beauty to your characters. Unlock all the fashions and make your character girl happy.

Multilingual Support

Lostlife 2 APK is famous globally thus it needs different language support. All this will be to help you play it with your friends globally in multiplayer mode. It is in English, Chinese, Indonesian, and Russian language.

Best Tips to Play Lost Life 2 on PC

You can play the game equally on Android and PC;

  • Explore every effort to make your character happy
  • Apply the strategy to the emotions of the lost girl.
  • Connect with the community in the online gameplay
  • Try to be simple in customization. Don’t go for over-customizations.
  • Let your girl sleep and take a rest for a while. It will bring peace and comfort.
  • Update your game regularly. Every update has unique items to add to the game.

How to Download the Latest Version of Lost Life 2 APK?

Download and install updated version 2024 for Android and PC for free. Follow these simple steps;

  • Allow unknown sources to make changes to your device. Do this from the settings and security options.
  • Download Lost Life 2 from our webpage. Get the APK file in your file manager. The game is 160 MBs so it will take 15-20 seconds.
  • Install the game by tapping the APK file. Press ok to start the installation. 


Download Lost Life 2 apk for free and enjoy this entertainment simulation game. You have a single goal here just to amuse your lost girl. Make her happy with the new dress, customization, and changes in the home. Adore her life and get satisfaction. You can do all this in single as well as multiplier game mode.


Yes, the game is available for Android and PC devices. You can play it simply on Android. However, for a PC, you need an Emulator.

The name of the girl is Sakika. She’s the central character of the game.

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