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PublisherGoldfinch Games
Mod FeaturesLearn Skills, Customization

Some people play games to enjoy and kill time; however, some play to improve their life skills like in the Indian Train Simulator. Trader Life Simulator APK is a game where you will learn to manage finance, grow your business, get rewards and cash to expand your business, and buy and sell products. You can have investment from different skills and use this to grow business in the open world game. Download it and play it for free.

This simulation game has 100,000 positive reviews and a rating above 4.5. All this is due to its high graphics, suitable 150 MB size, and attractive gameplay features. Be a trader in the game and do business. Goldfinch Games has developed it with a beautiful story for hours to play and engage with.

It has millions of users since 2022. The gameplay is simple: where you have to build a business empire, go for trade during the day, and relax at night. A successful deal will bring money, cash, and investment rewards for your following deals.

The goal here is to keep you busy for hours and make you aware of dealing, saving, business, and management skills. Moreover, OBB files of the Trader Life help you to enjoy the high 3-D graphics of the game with vivid and clear visuals like in AFK Arena. All the playful features are equally available for Android and iOS devices.

The money in your hand can bring risks to you. Better is to invest it into a business and get high profits. All this will be learned in the game. There are eight levels in the game. Start with a small amount and move on to the next level from the initial level.

Exciting Features of Trader Life Simulator APK

You will love this game for the following features;

Trader Life Simulator APK

Learn Business Skills

The game is not to engage you and for enjoyment; it is to make you skillful to set up a business. You are a full-time businessman here. You can go out for deals, go shopping, drive a luxury car, and enjoy all the perks of a business owner. 

Different Modes

There are 2 modes in the game. One is easy mode, and the other is hard mode, like in Adventure Communist. In the easy mode, you can have a small start-up, and there are slight risks. However, there might be high risks of losing investment in the hard mode.

Trader Life Simulator App

In-game Help

The game has a mega help center. Here, you can register any issue. The help counter will respond to your queries and will help you promptly. All this is to save your hard-earned investment. Choose it from the game settings.

Open World for Business

The gameplay is simple: you can move around, visit different malls and stores, and have a business deal. Moreover, you can meet with other business owners. You can go anywhere, as the game is a free world.

Awards and Money for Investment

There are 15 levels and two modes in the game. At each level, there are rewards in terms of cash, like in Cats and Soup. This cash is your investment for the business. Use this investment with care so that it may not lost at any stage.

Full Customization

You own a business, a home, furniture, and a car. You can customize the game like in Minecraft. The gameplay has a free hand for you to make it attractive and enjoyable. Live a luxury lifestyle after complete customization. Cars and trucks are there to help you transport goods. Transport these 50+ goods all around.

Trader Life Simulator APK

Learn Management of Finance

There are 100 products in the game. You will have bank accounts, investments, loans, ATM cards, and Credit Cards to manage those. You will learn to manage all the financial affairs, which will help you in real life.

Full Day and Night Activities

The Trader’s life will be busy during the day. Your character will go to stores for shopping, making deals, and meetings. Meetings, the life of the treader would be hectic. However, at night, you can go home and rest in a comfortable bedroom. 

In-game Purchases

You must manage a laptop, PC, furniture, and an office to manage an enormous business empire. Afterward, you would need a comfortable bed and a TV to watch. You can buy all of them with the cash you have in your bank account.

Tip to Play Trader Life Sim Game

You can perform better in the game with the following tips;

  • Start from Easy level and small businesses to learn and then go for high-risk steps.
  • Always prefer the demand of the customers and try to meet those demands in time
  • Give promotions, discounts, and reasonable prices to your customers.
  • Be a trusted business person and Trader in the eyes of the customers.

How to Download Trader Life Simulator APK?

The features are amazing, and if you plan to play it for once, you can download and install the latest version of Trader Life APK Sim for free.

  • Go to the settings >> Privacy Settings >> and Enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Now, your device is ready to make changes and download/ install apk file.
  • Open your mobile browsers, such as Chrome or Opera.
  • Search for “Trader Life Simulator”
  • The results will show our webpage
  • Find and Click the download Button from the top of the page.
  • Click it and download a 135 MB APK file in your file manager.
  • Follow the track of the APK file in the file manager and click it to start the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for the completion of the process.
  • Add your username for the Business Avatar.
  • Launch the game from the home screen and click “Continue” to play.
How to Download Trader Life Simulator APK


The sim game is more attractive as it helps you enjoy and learn business skills. Manage your business, bank accounts, credit and ATM cards, and loans from the Bank like a real-life business Tycoon. Trader Life Simulator APK will help you manage your investment and take business risks wisely. Take bold decisions and be a brave trader. Download the game from here and enjoy.


This is a complex trading game. You can create your trader avatar, take business risks, buy shares, invest in stock markets, and more. Moreover, a built-in tutorial will help you learn business skills.

For Android, your device should have a 4.5 or higher Android version and 200 MBs of free space. RAM with 2 GB specification will be good to go.

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