Adventure Communist Mod Apk v6.32.0 (Unlimited Gold)

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PublisherHyper Hippo
Mod FeaturesHire Workers, Researchers for Ranking

Do you have an urge to dominate in the business of potatoes? If the capitalists are ruining your business and yet you want to be the tycoon in your business, be perfect in Adventure Communist Mod APK where with unlimited gold, airdrops, and capsules, you can grow your business. Active workers and scientists will be there to help you grow.

The game is a square of Adventure Capitalist. It was developed by Hyper Hippo. The latest version 2024 of this simulation game is 89 MBs only and is freely available on our website.

The classic version of the game is with 2-D graphics, thus it can work even on your low-end device. You’re an owner of a Potato business and can Engage capitalists in growing it freely.

GamePlay of Adventure Communist Mod APK

The game presents you as a potato business owner. However, some capitalists and communists are destroying your business due to their laziness. To improve your business growth, you need active communists, researchers, and helping workers. 

Modded Adventure game is a simulation game that provides you with all the resources, gold, shopping opportunities, and help of other characters in the game that can help you grow. These resources can help you to take care of your business and get rid of idle features. These idle features are the key to ruining the potato business.

Here, you need to engage all the characters including workers and researchers, and leave the workplace. They all will work in an autopilot mod. You just need to visit your farm the next day to see the progress of your business and the produce to the market to earn a profit.

You need to increase the production of your potato farm using technology and gain a higher rank. There are research options and industry to help you, unlock them with your simulation your business in auto mode so it may work while you’re sleeping.

Interesting Features of this Adventure Communist Mod APK

This simulation game has interactive features like;

Adventure Communist Mod APK

Hire Workers

The adventure in the communist mod apk requires you to hire workers. These workers will help you with different activities at the farm. They will be there to grow potatoes, harvest them, and market them. You can engage these workers in the industry setup too.

The gameplay allows you to set up new industries and markets for the potato business. All this you need to be a business tycoon in the city. Record your progress and come every day to complete the mission of the simulation game. 

Harvesting Potatoes

Sow the potatoes and these will grow and mature to give you tubers. These potato tubers will increase in size with each day. Keep looking after these fields with the help of your workers.

Furthermore, the potato will be mature and ready to harvest. Along with sowing these, you have to fully engage with the workers and researchers for better produce. You need to automate your farm and care for it personally.

This simulation game with the adventure of communists has different steps. One of the activities at the farm is harvesting. When your produce is ready, you can employ workers and use machines to harvest ripened potatoes. You can use these potatoes as seeds for the next crop or market them.

The sowing, maturation, harvesting, marketing, and other activities, all depend upon the weather too. There are different tools and machines. The game flow depends upon all these factors. Engage all these to get good produce. 

Develop Industries and Trade Freely

If you have a bumper crop, you can set up your industry. Not only an agriculture-based industry, you can develop a medicine industry or steel industry. All this is to make you a tycoon in the city.

From these industries, you can develop more in a row. You will be with unlimited resources and you can move on. If the simulation player wants to add up these resources, he can grow well. All this depends upon your skills and management. 

Work with Researchers for Ranking

There will be a team of researchers to help you. They will make you able to get a good variety of potatoes, sow better seeds, and get the best quality produce. The researchers will help you with all the farm management issues.

There are about 95-100 researchers. You can unlock them and engage them with different tasks. Make an active community to collaborate. With each passing day, you can share your progress on the farm with your social media friends.

With better produce, a team of researchers, developing industries, and progress in the business, you will be ranked higher. Grow quickly and be a business tycoon in the town. All this will add stars and gold to your profile.

Mod Features of Adventure Communist Mod APK

The adventurous communists apk has the following mod features to unlock all the perks of the game.

Adventure Communist Mod APK

Unlimited Gold and Higher Ranking

The gameplay has different missions. The stages of the game are sowing, growing, harvesting, engaging with the workers and researchers, harvesting, and marketing. At all these stages, you need to do your best.

The mission is to complete the tasks in time and move on to the next. After every mission and stage, you will be rewarded with gold coins. Use these coins to get more resources.

With more resources, developed industries, and more profit, you will be ranked higher. With every industry setup, you will be rewarded with unlimited gold like in AFK Arena. Trade freely and use these coins for development research and science.

Capsules and Airdrops

Every mission will bring stone or wood capsules for you. These capsules are currency. You can use these for shopping for more resources. However, I like airdrops more as a currency.

These airdrops usually come as a surprise gift in the gameplay. the y comes periodically as a bonus reward. In the event, a fast-flying plane will appear. You can tap on the plane to get airdrops. 

Free Shopping

With 3 different types of currencies like; gold coins, airdrops, and capsules, you can visit the marketplace and get different resources like in Cats and Soup. Use these resources for research, science, and development. Grow your business at a faster rate by shopping tools and machines. All these are available as in-game shopping.

How to Download the Latest Version of Adventure Communist Mod?

We have listed the latest version 2024 for Mod APK of Adventure Communist on our web. You can download it by following this simple and easy 3-step

Step 1: Check Unknown Resources

You need to enable your Android device to download and install APK files from external sources. For this, follow 3 steps;

  • Open the settings menu of your smartphone
  • Go to the privacy and security options.
  • On the top right corner, check the “unknown resources” option

Step 2: Download Communist Adventure 

Now, you have enabled your device to make changes. You can download apk file as

  • Open your default browsers
  • In the search bar, add the name of our website.
  • From the homepage, search for Communist Adventure Mod
  • Click on the download button and get apk file downloaded

Step 3: Install the APK Game and Play

  • Go to the file storage place, “file manager”
  • Click the APK file to install
  • Follow on-screen instruction
  • The installation process will complete in a few seconds and an icon will appear on the home screen of your device.
  • Click it to play
How to Download the Latest Version of Adventure Communist Mod?


Adventure Communist Mod APK is an assimilation game where you can grow your business and become a business tycoon in the city. The gameplay provides you with unlimited resources, gold, capsules, workers, and researchers. You can use all these to get better potato produce. Get higher profit and build industries. Download it easily from our website and enjoy farm activities.


You need to be a successful businessman. Use these gold coins wisely to buy resources, for research and development, and on buying tools and machines.

After each successful stage and event, you will get rewards in the form of gold coins, a capsule, and a higher rank.

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