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PublisherBlitz Games
Mod FeaturesMultiple Romance, Story-based Novel

Camp Buddy 2.0 APK is an exciting simulation game based on a visual novel. It is family-friendly without any exotic scenes where you can solve different mysteries, add new characters, customize them, and lead to interesting endings like in AFK Arena. Interesting dialogues, sounds, graphics, and new characters will keep you busy for hours. Download it and play with buddy characters.

Blitz Games has developed this interesting story game. The game is a novel-based story with high graphics. All this makes it a huge game with more than 1.2 GB size. Make friends, have romance, and discover new secrets in the game.

Interesting Features of Camp Buddy APK

The game is loaded with the following features;

Camp Buddy

Online Free Gameplay

The gameplay is free to download and play. The game is amazing and doesn’t cost any penny to pay

Multiple Romance

The characters have some romantic relationships. They are charming and loving and they interact with each other in a way to amuse you. Camp Mod buddy gameplay offers this entertainment for free.

Story-based Novel

There is not a single story in the Camp Buddy apk game. There is a network of stories. You need to define the ending of the game. Controlling the characters and protagonists of the game gives it a better story.

Family Friendly

The characters are so cool and the acts are nice. You can enjoy all the games with the family. Moreover, players of all ages can play it well. It will keep you engaged and enjoying for longer.

Camp Buddy APK

Solve Mysteries

There are some mini-games and puzzles. All these are to diversify your interests in the game. Solve these mysteries to show your skills. You will uncover some clues and all these will add to your excitement in the game.

Customization of Characters

There are multiple characters. You can design these 40 characters and you can make them more romantic and interesting. You can add emotions and feelings to these characters like in Minecraft.

Interesting Dialogue

The players are adapted to different characters and all have specific roles. These roles have dialogues and they appear on the screen. Reading those on the screen is fun. The dialogue 

Interesting Ending

You can modify your character and the acts. All this will make a new form of story. This will help you to modify the game story and the ending of the game will be interesting.

Sounds and Graphics

Illustrated characters, background, sounds, and music during the gameplay like in Teaching Feeling, all is loving and beyond imagination. All these in combination enhance the gameplay features and fully immerse players in the gameplay.

Camp Buddy APK game

New and Updated

The game has some new updates. All these keep you engaged for hours. The updates like campfire stories, mini-games, bugs fixed, and new characters are the updated features of the game.

Full game 

The game is fully unlocked for you. You can play all the levels. All 30 levels of the game are unlocked and you need to play with full interest.

How to Download Full Camp Buddy APK?

You can download the latest and updated version 2024 of the game for free from our website.

  • Go to the settings of the device and check for “unknown sources”
  • Come to our website and find the download link.
  • Click the download button and get the APK file
  • Find the full download APK file and click to install
  • Follow the instructions and get it to play for free.
How to Download Full Camp Buddy APK?


Download Camp Buddy apk and enjoy multiple characters with modification. The game is for family-friendly nature and you can play it for a long time. Get features like full customization, and interesting dialogues, and go for a better ending. The game has 3-D graphics and sound for better engaging. Get the full game for free


The latest version 2024 of the game is free and full. This is available for you to play and download.

The most updated version of the game is with all the features unlocked and available for Android version 4.0 and above.

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