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Mod FeaturesNovel-based Story, Unlock all events

How caring are you? Do you want to check your level of helping nature and sympathy? Be a doctor in Teaching Feeling APK, a simulation game. This game is based on a visual novel where you need to recover, help, and treat a girl, “Sylvie”. Give emotional support to her and enjoy unlocking all levels like in AFK Arena in the latest version. Download it and play for a good ending with your gaming skills

Ray-X has developed this game is and it more interesting and interactive by adding levels and story parts from the visual novel. The size of the game is 830 MBs. Although it is a 2-D game the graphics and high and attractive. 

Gameplay of Teaching Feeling APK

The gameplay of this adventure and simulation game is quite simple and easy. The story of the game revolves around a young girl Sylvie. After starting the game from the background story, you need to take the character of Doctor Arland and take care of the young girl.

Here, you have to win the heart of the young girl who has faced many difficulties. You need to show your sympathy by talking to her softly, inquiring about her, pat on the head, and touching softly. You can do any of the actions to comfort the girl.

Moreover. Your character as a doctor “Arland” is also to earn your living by doing the job and exploring the life around you. You can earn money and add colors to the game. Sylvie will help you add these colors and values.

Attractive Features of Teaching Feelings

This adventure will be more interesting for you with the following features;

Teaching Feeling

Novel based Story

It is a novel based story of a girl who suffered a lot of miseries. The background of the story will guide you on how she is feeling now and you need to give it a good ending. The latest English version with mystical music is amazing.

Different Interesting Situations

The game has a story of the novel in it and there are different situations. You need to go through these situations and handle the way to care and treat Sylvie. Manage all the situations for a good ending of the game.

Help and Care Sylvie

Among the multiple characters in the game, you need to care for and treat Sylvie, a young girl. The girl is so soft-natured and you need to win her sympathies and heat by your kind acts. Care and keep her with you as she needs your emotional support.

2-D Graphics and Music

The game is diverse with 2-D drawings, color schemes, and background music. The music of the game is amazing and you will feel a realistic touch. Sound effects are as per the situation and level of the game like a marriage of the girl.

Teaching Feeling APK game

Unlock all events

This APK game is based on a novel with diverse situations and multiple levels. You can unlock all the levels and play them. You need to explore more and more and all this will help you to be more kind and sympathetic to the girl.

Tips for Playing

You can make the game more interesting with the following tips;

  • Action Button – Use the action button to pat on the shoulder and head of the young girl
  • H Scene Unlocked – Offer wine to Sylvie and comfort her, this will unlock H-Scene.
  • Night-time Events – whenever you need to go out shopping or walk, wait for the rain to stop
  • Setcosplay – Use the Setcosplay command to enter the shopping malls.
  • Shopping – you can go out for shopping following the Sylvie
  • Self-Service – You need to teach Sylvie the self-service option.

How to Download the Latest version of Teaching Feeling Apk-2024? 

For Android

You can easily download the updated version of the game year 2024 by following these steps;

  1. Come to our webpage
  2. Search for the game by typing “Teaching Feelings” in the search bar.
  3. Go to the download button and tap it
  4. Get the APK file in your file manager
  5. From the file folder, tap it and download.
  6. Open it and see the story and background information of the game
  7. Play it for hours.

For PC

You can play the Latest Version on a PC with Windows 7 or above. You need an emulator for this. The emulator will help you to play the Android version of the game easily on a larger screen. Get NOX, MEMU, or Bluestacks Emulator from the official website and import the game to play it.

How to Download Teaching Feeling Apk?


Download the Teaching Feeling Simulation game and try to care and be kind to a girl Sylvie. She is oppressed and needs your sympathy. Tap her to comfy and treat her as if you are the doctor. 2-D graphics, music, darker gameplay, and a visual novel-based story will amaze you. 


Use the Setcosplay button to unlock shopping malls and other shops at night.

Some of the scenes in the novel are adult and nude. It is better to play it if you are 18 years old or older.

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