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Specimen Zero


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PublisherCafé Studio.
Mod FeaturesSurvival Mechanics, Puzzle Elements

Specimen Zero mod apk is an Online Horror game. You need to explore the scary gameplay with puzzle elements all the way and learn from the mistakes to make it more interesting. You need to use simple touch controls to make it playable in survive-or-die situations like in like in Granny. Download it and enjoy 3-D realistic graphics.

The game is 147.94 MB in size with a multiplayer option. Caf Studio has designed it to add more and more puzzles. You need to solve those puzzles and open new doors for you. Explore in-game items to make it more realistic in 2024.

Gameplay of Specimen Zero Mod APK 

Horror Gameplay Survive or Die. you will find yourself in a dark room with all the electrodes attached to your body. Suddenly, you remember that you were here, taken by someone. You are senseless and extremely tired. You want to end up in this horror scene.

Specimen Zero Mod Apk

You are the main character so you can call it a role-playing game. Solve the puzzles, unlock the secrets, and get a chance to survive in the game. Explore the deadly game and try to escape as soon as possible.

Interesting Features of Online Horror Game Specimen Zero Mod APK 

Specimen Zero Apk

Puzzle Elements

You are in a situation to survive or die. To increase the chances of your survival and unlock all the doors for you, you need to solve some puzzle elements. Mod Menu will show you some puzzles to unlock premium features. Solve those to unlock maps, and get unlimited ammo and support to escape.

Simple Touch Controls

The gameplay is simple and realistic with easy controls. You need to run away, trying to escape like in Geometry Dash. Moreover, here, you need some action keys to break the doors in your way. However, if you are feeling hard, you can customize the controls.

Survival Mechanics

The goal here in the game is to survive. You need to find different means to get rid of all these horror scenes. Use all the mechanics, tricks, and strategies to do so. Explore dark areas to find more for you.

3-D Realistic Graphics and Sounds

Rotate the camera option and enjoy 3-D graphics. The game has a secret hospital with some dying serious patients. Their sound and graphics will make you feel realistic. All this will engage and immerse you in the story of the game like in Subway Surfers. Horror sounds make it more incredible and realistic.

Multiplayer Mode

There will be different enemies following you and to make the game more horrified. Monsters will be following you. In multiplayer mode, make your strategy and beat your opponent by escaping the horror zone at first.

Specimen Zero game

Learn from Mistakes by using Map

Online Horror Zone Specimen Zero Mod APK has a built-in Wiki to help you in the game. You can get help from the maps in the game to find a way to escape. Access the Wiki Mod Menu, discover new maps, solve puzzles, and win.

Multiple Mode

  • Easy –  This is a slower version for beginners. You will be with multiple resources and as you are new, there will be only a few enemies and monsters.
  • Normal – This mode is a bit challenging. Buy weapons from the in-game stores and break all the doors and walls to run away.
  • Hard – This is hard and more challenging. Moreover, the game is a bit faster to play, and be ready for that.
  • Nightmare – This is the most challenging and the horror one. Here, there is no chance to make any mistake, otherwise, you will fall prey to the monster.

Available in Multiple Languages

Gameplay will be easy for you if you are from any of the regions. The story of the game will be easy to understand in English, Brazilian, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Select your language and play it for free with ESP.

How to Download Specimen Zero Mod APK 2024?

Get no Ads, latest version 2024 for Androids with the following steps;

  • From the settings and security, check “unknown sources”
  • Visit our webpage and search for Online Horror Games.
  • Tap on the download button to download apk file on your Android device.
  • Go to file manager and tap the APK file to start the installation process
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to “Allow”
  • Tap on the icon to start the game

Download the PC version of Specimen Zero Mod. Memu Emulator can help you to get all the download requirements. Use Memu Play and import the Android game to run on a PC. 


Download Specimen Zero Mod APK, an online horror game where your protagonist wakes up in the hunted dark house. The character is locked in a home with monsters and darkness. This kidnapped protagonist is trying to escape. Help him solve the puzzle elements and get out of that danger with the help of security cameras all around the walls. Find escape routes and avoid clashing with the risks. Search hidden clues and weapons, survive, escape, and win

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