Geometry Dash APK v2.2.13 (Unlimited Currency)

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Geometry Dash Apk


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PublisherRobTop Games
Mod FeaturesSimple Controls, Multiple Levels

Geometry Dash APK, an arcade game is with all the icons and awards for your gaming experience. Use different geometric shapes like circles, cubes, rockets, or balls to jump and fly in the air. You can also get infinite icons and customize them like in Geometry Dash Mod Apk. Download the latest version of the GD APK 2024 and enjoy. 

G Dash APK was developed by RobTop Games. The size of the game is 74 MBs. Play this arcade game on your Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It is quite challenging to keep your icon in the air by tapping.

How to Play Geometry Dash APKGame

The gameplay of the GD game is simple yet attractive. You need to fly your icon in the air, crossing all the hurdles. There is resistance in the way like stairs. Simply tap on the screen to keep your icon in the air

After some time, you will enter a new level. There are 20 levels and each has a checkpoint. After crossing that circular checkpoint, the icon, color, and music will change. Get maximum rewards while you are in the air.

Key Features of Geometry Dash

The following are interesting features of the game;

Geometry Dash

Simple Controls of Geometry Dash Game

This gameplay runs with speed and all you need is the game controls. If you can master the controls, you will win.

  • Gravity Controls— You need to control your fall by tapping
  • Time to Tap – You can play in a win if your time to tap on the screen is perfect. 
  • ORBS and Portals—  These are the key controls while flying. They will help you a lot.
  • Check Points— Cross-circle checkpoint to enter the new level.

Multiple Game Levels

The Geometry Dash APK is with more than 20 levels.

  • Easy Level—These are introductory levels for newbies and practice
  • Normal Level – Try this to learn how to balance your icon and character.
  • Difficult Level— This level involves more challenging obstacles.
  • Hard Level— These complex levels offer more difficulties, rewards, and coins.
  • Demon Level— This is the most challenging and difficult level. Try this with demon keys 

Customize your Icon Shape and Color

Geometry icons are your characters. You can customize their shapes from circle to cube, to ball or circle, or a rocket. Add diverse colors and skins. In the GDash apk game, always try something different. 

Geometry Dash Apk Game

Background Colours and Music

As you move to the next levels in the GDash, the background color and music changes. This change makes it attractive like in Subway Surfers. Moreover, the game has a diversity of patterns and it will keep you engaged for hours in GD APK. Moreover, turn on auto-play for the bot and listen to the music.

Multiple Game Modes

There are following diverse game modes where you can get rewards;

  • Practice Mode – Play it for practice
  • Multiplayer mode – Play, build, and share levels with your friends.
  • Career Mode – Get rewards and build your career as a GD Game APK player

Online Speed Gameplay

The new levels of the game are high-speed. With the complex and demon level, you will face more hurdles. Face high-speed hurdles and win the game.

How to Download and Install Full Version of Geometry Dash APK?

Download for Androids

Follow these simple and easy steps to get an updated version of Geometry Dash 2024;

  • Go to the settings of the game and unlock “unknown resources”.
  • Go to the webpage and find the download button.
  • Tap on the Download button to get Geometry Dash APK full version 2024
  • Get the file in your download manager
  • Go to the file manager and find the APK file.
  • Tap on it to install the game

Download for PC

You can enjoy this game on PC Windows Devices using any emulator. NOX, Memo, and BlueStacks are the working emulators. Get these from their official websites and import GDash APK to play.


Download the Geometry Dash APK for Android, PC, or iOS. Enjoy any of the levels with different icons. You can play easy, hard, complex, or demon-level. For hard levels, there will be speed gameplay. Be safe from the obstacles and stairs, collect coins, and tap on the screen to be in the air for a long time. Play it with a cube, circle, ball, cycle, or rocket. Change different colors and music in the background, making it more engaging and diverse. Play the full version for free. 


You can create and customize icons of different shapes and colors from the settings of the GDash apk game.

In the 5th level of the game, the icon will automatically change after passing through the checkpoint in the gameplay.

The game will be playable without an internet connection. You can play it offline for hours.

Save your game data in one version and then install the latest version. Convert this saved data to the new version for better career records.

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