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Mod FeaturesColorful Themes, Unlimited Sixes

You can say board games as a family game. Many of us have used it to play with family in the center of the room. However, Ludo King Mod APK will take you to new heights in the game with unlimited sixes, a colorful theme, and ad-free gameplay like in Yalla Ludo. You can play it in duo or team mode and win always. The game is loaded with additional features like snakes and ladder games.

The game is quite light and it occupies only 50 MBs of space with all these interesting and attractive features and add-ons. Gametion developed it in 2017 and since then, it has taken a big space in the board games globally.

The gameplay allows you to win gold and money and use it to get higher ranks. The themes can be used with all the attractive output and better user experience. You can play this game with the other 3 players in solo mode or you can have a Duo Game Mode and make a team with a player from your social friends.

How to Play Ludo King Mod APK?

The gameplay is as simple as the physical game is. You will have a dice with 6 digits on it and play it to get a higher score. However, the game has both online and offline gameplay modes where you can play virtually and you don’t need a special time.

The game will be loaded in a way automatedly and you can choose the mode of the game. If you want to play it in solo mode, the bot or the computer will be your opponent. The game goes in with turn by turn basis.

Moreover, there are certain rules in the game;

  • You will get only one turn in case you get a lower score. 
  • Getting a six will help you to go on and try another turn.
  • In case you have multiple options, the pointer will blink to show you all the possible options.
  • You can also get a suggestion. However, in the modded apk of Ludo King, you can have multiple help options.
  • You can have a voice chat to get suggestions from your online friends.

In addition to this, there are certain mini-games as well. You can play those, win cash, and get higher ranks. Snake and Ladder is one of the interesting Ludo Mini games. Throw dice, get numbers, and move on the ladder. However, the most interesting part is falling from the ladder where the snake bites.

Interesting Mod Features of Ludo King APK

The game has been downloaded in millions. This is because of the attractive in-game features.

Game Modes

The Ludo APK has 2 game modes. These are Duo or Team Mode. In the Duo mode, you can pair up with a player and play the game to the fullest. In Another game mode, you can make a team or play in solo mode with other 3 players. The game can support a maximum of 4 players.

Ludo King Mod App

Colourful Themes

To make the game attractive, the developer has added more than 15 themes and the updating is still in every game version. You can select one from the multiple game themes and go as per your color selection.

Play Offline

You need a strong internet connection at the time of downloading, afterwards, you can play all the games and mini-games on Ludo King in offline game mode. All these are built-in and supported. You can have fun without any restrictions.

Additional Snakes and Ladder

In the Ludo game, you may have seen another game with a snake and ladder at the back of the Ludo Board. There are 10 rows and 10 columns on the board all adding up to 100. You can play the dice and go in the boxes one by one. Moreover, the ladder may take you to new heights in the game. However, the snake may take you down. 

Live Chat in Multiplayer Game Mode

You can play with other 3 players in 4 players team. During the online multiplayer game, you can chat with online friends and talk to them. You can ask them for help, engage them in the gameplay, and make them your fast friends. All this is to make the game more interesting.

Ludo King Mod App

Mod Features of Ludo King APK

The modified version of the game has some extra perks for you to enjoy.

Ludo King Mod Apk

Always Win

These sixes help you to move at the highest score within no time. You can go to the next level with these easy and always-win game statuses. As you are getting the highest and maximum score by scoring sixes at the dice, you will win at the end. You will win every bet in the game as well.

Win Unlimited Gold

The modded version of Ludo allows you to win and have unlimited gold with you for in-game purchases. You can unlock other features at the expense of this gold. Use this gold to bet with your friends to double your rewards.

Unlimited Sixes

To make the game go on with modded features, Ludo Kind Mod APK has introduced “unlimited Sixes” features. Here, you can get a score per your need on the board. All this is to make you go for an easy win and get rewards.

Ludo King Mod Apk Unlimited Sixes

All Themes Unlocked

As you are in the premium version, you must try every theme to make the game more attractive. Ludo APK Mod has 30 themes and you can try any of them. Unlock and select this from the game settings.

Go Ad Free

No ad will pop up in the game and you will have a smooth gameplay experience. All this will be so amazing. This will add to your experience in the game. No ad will restrict your gameplay and you can play for hours.


The game is anti-ban and all the premium features will be available without any delay. There will be no charge to your bank account. You can enjoy all the game features in the latest version for free.

How to Download Ludo King Mod APK Latest Version?

The download process is quite simple, easy, and with only 3 steps to go. You can download and install free latest version of the Ludo Kind 2024 simply by following these steps;

Check Unknown Resources

Go to the settings >> Privacy Settings >> and Enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Now, your device is ready to make changes and download/ install apk file.

Download the modded APK file

  • Open your mobile browsers, such as Chrome or Opera.
  • Search “Ludo Kind Modr”
  • The results will show our webpage
  • Find and Click the download Button from the top of the page.
  • Click it and download a 65 MB APK file in your file manager.

Install the game and Play

  • Follow the track of the APK file in the file manager
  • Click it to start the installation process and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Add your username for your game career.
  • Launch the game from the home screen and click “Continue” to play.
How to Download Ludo King Mod APK?


You need to enjoy board games in a new style. Download virtual board games like the Ludo King Mod APK and play to unlimited gold, and sixes, and always win. Go for multiplayer game mode and play with your 3 friends in online game mode. Moreover, you can have live chat with them as well. This will keep you engaging. Download it now and play for hours.


The sound of shaking and throwing of the dice is quite attractive and worth listening to. You can enjoy it. Moreover, the music at the winning moment is also lovable.

Yes, you can play it with other players in online game mode.

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