Kingdom Wars Mod Apk | Latest v4.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Kingdom Wars Mod Apk


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Mod FeaturesEasy Controls, Unlimited Money and Coins

Do you want to play modern war games with old war style? In the war and PvP game mode of Kingdom Wars mod APK, you will have different war tools and unlocked super legend characters to defeat your enemy like in Monster Legends. You can store food and HP in the castle for a long time and win the game by strategy. Boosters can help to increase your power and stamina. Download it now and show your strategy skills.

This game is 45MB in size with impressive graphics and sound. Springcomes has developed it and no wit is updated with the latest mod features to help you in an easy win. Save your throne along with expanding your empire.

How to Play Kingdom Wars Mod APK?

The war game demands you to save your castle. The game shows that you are in the castle and many enemies will attack you. Use simple controls to destroy your enemy. At the bottom, you can see the levels of the game and the enemy attacking.

The top bar will show your energy level. By killing the enemy, you will get rewards, added to your account. Use these rewards and coins to buy food for you. Better is to store that food with you for a long time to save the kingdom.

Interesting Features of Kingdom Wars APK

You can fight this strategic war with the following interesting features;

Easy Controls

The game has simple on-screen controls. Here it would help if you focused on the hit button to kill the approaching enemies. You can better do this in the game and kill as many enemies as you can.

Kingdom Wars Apk

Attractive Graphics

The battlefield is attractive to keep you playing and disengaged for hours. The gameplay looks amazing with the color contrast and the appearance. The environment of the game is clear and cool like in Art of War.

Game Modes

There are 2 modes of the game. In solo mode, you can play with a computer and expand your kingdom. In the multiplayer mode, you can invite your other friends to play with you. Both modes are interesting and attractive.

War Items

The game has all the supportive tools and items to fight well. You will get Thor’s hammer, shield, magical swords, and powers to create a tornado. All this can crush your enemy 

War Boosters

Sometimes, when you are unable to unlock the real gameplay, you can use the boosters to help you. There are six boosters. These will give you special powers to dominate your enemy. Use tactics, skills

Mod Features of the Kingdom Wars Game

The Mod Menu of the game has the following listed characters.

Kingdom Wars

Unlimited Castle HP

The game is all about building a castle and governing it. You can build your castle with unlimited HP. These are the free features of the game

Food Storage

While fighting with the enemies, you need to limit your activity within the castle and save your army. Store food for you and your army. You need to focus on the fights and win the wars for your kingdom only.

Unlimited Money and Coins

The game has different war boosters, war items, warriors, and characters like in Mafia City. You need to unlock all those to engage in the game. For this, get unlimited money and coins from the mod menu for shopping.

Unlock All Characters and Super Legends

Warriors are there to help you win the battle. Fight with the king’s enemy and bring this trone down. Unlock all the 200 warriors with perfect abilities to fight for you in the battleground. Control their moves and actions.

Kingdom Wars Mod Apk game

No Ads and Root access

The gameplay is free from any ad or banner. The game will run smoothly on your device. You can play it for hours without any interruption.

How to Download the Latest Version of Kingdom Wars Mod APK 2024?

Download and install the latest version of the Kingdom of War mod by following these simple and easy steps;

  • Check “unknown sources” from the settings to allow your device to download and install games and apps from any 3rd party.
  • Visit our website and get the updated modded version of the game by tapping the download button
  • The apk file will be downloaded in the file manager.
  • Visit your file manager and tap it to install the game.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and get the game on your Android device.
  • Tap on the game icon and play this strategy and action game.
How to Download Kingdom Wars Mod APK


Download the latest version of Kingdom Wars Mod APK from here and get into the battlefield. It has easy controls and attractive battleground graphics. Unlock war items, swords, weapons, and warriors to win the war and rule your kingdom. Get unlimited money and coins to get food and HP. enjoy the game for yourself.


Download the modded version of the game from our webpage and get unlimited resources for wars in the game.

In the settings of the game, you will see a mode menu. The menu can help you to get to the unlocked characters. Unlock super legends from there.

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