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Alice In Kenko Land Apk


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Mod FeaturesOn-screen Control, 2-D Graphics

Open the door to the wonderland and start the visual novel “Alice In Kenko Land Apk”. This fiction-based adventurous novel has 2-D graphics where there are 2 characters like in Helluva Hound Game. On-screen controls and dark visuals make it interesting. The girl with hot looks and beauty will attract you the most.

Luccisan has developed this game and its latest version was released on 25th of August 2023. This fiction and visual novel is just 70 MBs in size and you can easily download and play it on your Android device with 5.1 or more Android versions.

Story of the Alice In Kenko Land Apk?

The story of the novel revolves around 2 characters, Alice and her sister. Her sister is missing and you need to help her. The story has a home where there is a room, kitchen, and bathroom. You have to search for the lost girl.

Moreover, you can use the house for living and can stay there when back from your daily tasks. You can use the touch control to play the game. You are free to sleep cook, and take a nap. The fiction and story-based novel will support you and your character.

Key Features

The game is blessed and loaded with the following interesting and attractive key features;

On-screen Control

The game story is easy to modify and customize with the on-screen touch control. You can make changes in the gameplay. You can change the appearance and setting of the home provided for you. It is quite easy to do all these.

2-D Graphics

Although the graphics of the game are 2-Dimensional (2-D) the appearance and visuals of the game are perfect. The novel is with scenic beauty blended with dark shades. There are storylines at the bottom to make you understand all that is happening in the novel. You can make your narrative as well using your creative skills.

Alice In Kenko Land Apk

Hot Animated Girls

Alice is a girl blessed with beauty and charms. She will attract you throughout the gameplay. Moreover, the acts and looks she has will be charismatic. You need to focus on the gameplay and save her sister. Additionally, the gameplay is fun and you will like it the most.

Alice In Kenko Land Apk

Premium Unlocked with no Ads

The game has only 2 characters. However, to find the lost girl, you need a lot of tools and help. All this can be provided with the premium features unlocked for you in the game. Everything is unlocked and accessible for the role-playing character.

White Rabbit needs you to remove the darkness. You, as a Role Playing Player, must make it possible and through lights to limit the darkness. In light, the wonderland will look amazing and lovable to you and Alice.

Alice In Kenko Land App

 Dream World

The game is the story of a wonderland and dream world. Alice is hot and her adult acts keep you experiencing life like a dream. This fiction will take you to a wonderland and you will love to play it again and again.

How to Download Alice In Kenko Land APK?

The best part of the game is its availability for Android and iOS both devices.

You can easily download it from the link by following the directions and easy steps.

  • Open the Browser and search for the Alice In Kenko Land
  • Scroll down and search for the download link or button.
  • Press the button and apk file will be downloaded into your device.
  • Follow the directory and you will find the downloaded file in the storage of your device.
  • Click in to install. It will take a few seconds.
  • An icon will appear on the home screen, go and click it to start the fiction game.
How to Download Alice In Kenko Land APK?


The fiction novel with the story of 2 sisters is a love. In Alice In Kenko Land APK, you are the role-playing character where you have to help Alice find her sister. The game allows you easy touchscreen control, limited to no ads to explore the wonder world. The hot and adult content of the game will amaze you. Keep playing this for an hour and you will love it the most. Come and Download the Kenko Land APK now.


The game is just 72 MB in size. The game is with 2-D graphics so it will not occupy much space on your device.

The game is just released with the latest version of 1.0.0. This version is updated. However, the developer keeps on adding all the new updates regularly.

Luccisan is the developer of Alice in Kenko Land.

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