Viber Mod APK| Latest v22.9.2.0 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

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Publisher Viber Media
Mod FeaturesText Messages, Video calling, Landline calling and out calling

This mod apk is a Cross-Platform for messaging and communication. This application is to send messages and share videos, photos, and audio with your friends. You can also make calls. It provides high security to your data and can self-destruct the messages. It keeps your chat and groups secure. Download this apk from our webpage.

You can also make low-cost landline calls using Viber. This premium and lightweight app was developed and designed by Viber Media, based in Luxembourg. It is just 57 MBs in size and will not lay your device storage.

Create multiple groups for chats. Add up to 200,000 users in the car group. Moreover, you can create a separate chat room for your privacy as well. It is a trusted app for sharing messages and media like in Telegram.

How to Use Viber Mod APK?

If you want to use this apk as your chat and messaging app:

  1. Download it from the webpage.
  2. Open it and sign up for the application using your email and contact.
  3. Add your contacts and then use the list of contacts to share messages.

Additionally, you can create a group or fetch a group from the group list. From the settings, you can add more members to the group. It is quite easy to share images, photos, videos, and any other media. Moreover, you can go for group meetings, add callers, and merge calls for your multiple friends.

To keep all this secure, all your chats in the chat rooms or the groups are safe and end-to-end encrypted. They are only visible and available to users. Moreover, you can use the auto-destruction option to delete those after sending.

Key Features of Viber Mod APK

Viver Mod APK’s latest version has the following key features;

Key Communication Functions and Features

Following communication functions makes it stand out from all other communication apps;

Viber Mod APK
  • Text Messages – You can send messages to all these apk users across the world.
  • Video Files – share files with the Viber users. These files range in formats like MP3, MP4, images, emoticons, emojis, emotions, and photos (JPEG, GIFs)
  • Audio Files – This apk helps you to share voice messages and other audio files through the communication network.
  • Video calling – Users can make video calls without any cost. Connect with them using Viber contact info.
  • Hide files – Set passwords to hide your information, chats, and text messages from other members and users. You can hide your last seen status as well.
  • Landline calling and outcalling – Using it, you can call foreign countries, and all the users connect through this app.
  • Discover Feature – In case you want to search for a specific doc, image, news, or any other related media, you can go for the discovery option.

Cross-Platform Messages

This social app has diverse connectivity. You can use it on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. It will always show you better usage and experience. All your data will be synced and secure with your ID.

Low-cost Landline Calls

This one is the amazing and stand-out feature of this Mod APK. You can make a call to any landline number as well. For this, you need the names of the Viber users and call them for free. 

Fun Group Chat

Sharing funny pictures, emojis, stickers, emoticons, and videos will create fun for you and your friends. There are more than 35,000 stickers and emojis in the stock. Use all those for free to share in your groups.

Privacy and Security

Here, privacy and security comes first. This APK modded latest version offers protection with the following features;

Viber APK
  • End-to-end Encryption – Your chats are only for you and your user. These will not be available for anyone. All these are encrypted and secure.
  • Two-Factor Verification –  Viber is only yours; no one can access it; it is secure with 2-factor authentication using your email, a number, and a security question.
  • Auto-Destruction – use this feature to delete any chat or messages. You can delete a message after sending it.
  • Block Users – If anyone is disturbing you and sending irrelevant messages, you can block the user permanently.

Premium Unlocked

This mod APK has premium features that offer you more security like in Contact+. Unlock other chat options, chat extensions, and other in-app functions. These will help you to enjoy the experience of social networking and communication.

Explore Viber Community

Millions of users are on this platform. Join the community and connect with them. Explore the people from the contacts and find like-minded people. Use your other social networks to find more people.

How do you Download Viber Pro Plus Mod APK?

Download the latest version for safe chats. Get the latest 2024 version by following easy steps;

  • Visit our website and download the Viber app by tapping on the download button.
  • Go to your device’s settings >> Privacy and Security,  and then enable “Unknown Sources.” 
  • This will allow the installation of communication applications from any source.
  • Open the downloaded file and tap it to “Install.”.
  • Once installed, open the app and enjoy unlocked pro features.

Final Words

Download Viber Mod APK, a social app to connect and share files. The file formats vary from audio, video, photos, and voice notes. All the chats are safe, secure, and end-to-end encrypted. You can create groups and invite friends to join you. The auto-destruction feature helps you to delete messages. You can block any other user as well. Make a free call and get connected using Viber’s unlocked premium features.

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