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Mod FeaturesAttractive OG Themes, 35 characters

We live in a social world connected globally through social apps. Different social apps serve to connect people. However, they have limitations. OGWhatsapp apk is a social app with more features than the standard WhatsApp. Restricting your profile, chat, and status allows you to enjoy extra privacy. Built-in call blocker, message scheduler, and capacity to send more than 90 images and long videos help it to be on the top.

The mod app of standard Whatsapp has a rooted-stats downloader, themes, wallpapers, call blocker, and app locker. You can share new emojis, stickers, and messages in diverse font styles. Know the downloading requirements and its features and enjoy all the perks like in TopFollow.

OGWhatsapp APK File and System Requirements

The latest and updated version of the app is available. Alexmod has developed it with all the modified features. It has more than 10 million active users. It works perfectly on the android devices. However, it is currently unavailable for iOS users.

OGWhatsapp APK

The file size is just 75 MBs, and it is fully functional on Android devices with the 5.0 Android version and 2 GB RAM. The file size is small and does not pose any pressure on the functioning of the device.

 Attractive Features of OG Whatsapp Pro

The app mod WhatsApp OG Variant has the following attractive features;

Attractive OG Themes and Wallpapers

To make the app with a better user interface and user experience, the developer has loaded it with multiple themes and color schemes. You can apply any of the themes to change the look and appearance of the application. There are 35 attractive wallpapers. You can use those on different screens independently.

OGWhatsapp APK

Built-in Message Scheduler

Sometimes, forgetting to wish your loved one a happy birthday or an anniversary isn’t very comfortable. However, you can not only mark the date on your mobile but also write your feelings, love, and affection for them and schedule the message for the particular date and time. The OGwhatsapp will share your message as expected.

Call Non-added Contact

It takes quite a time when you have to call someone who is not on your contact. First, you need to dial their contacts and add those to the contact list by typing their name. Then, you need to go to the WhatsApp application and search for the name to call. 

OGWhatsapp APK

All this is solved in the OG mod of WhatsApp. You can call any user by just dialing and pressing the call button.

Save Group Name with 35 Characters

In the standard app, you can save a group name by 20-25 characters. Sometimes, this seems a significant limitation. However, using the pro-OG Whatsapp, you can save the name with 35 characters or more. 

Share 90 Images at Once

The standard version of cheat WhatsApp’s social app allows you to share 30 images simultaneously. On specific occasions, this seems a limitation. However, the pro version of OG Whatsapp offers the features to go without restrictions. 

Here, you can share 90 photos, more than the 3 times the standard version allows. However, you need to check for the sending status. If there are some with unsent status, you need to resend those later.

Share long HD Videos Without any Cuts.

WhatsApp allows only limited sharing of video content. You need to reduce the length of the video by trimming it up to 2.5 minutes. However, OG Whatsapp APK helps you share longer HD videos.

How do you Download and Update OGWhatsapp Hack APK 2024?

The latest version of OG Mod Whatsapp apk is available on our webpage. You can download its 2024 updated version for NAdroids by following simple steps.

How to Download OG WhatsApp?

  • Visit our website and search for the OG Whatsapp Pro APK
  • Click the download button and get the APK file in the file manager
  • For security on the Android device, check “unknown sources.”
  • Go to the file manager and tap APK file to start the installation.
  • This 75 MB-sized file will take a few seconds, and the app will be installed and ready to use.

How to Update OG Whatsapp Pro?

There are frequent updates. It would help if you got the updated version to enjoy pro features time, timed messages, sending polls in the group, call blockers, or app lockers. The update process is relatively easy. You need to visit our webpage; we provide updated and latest versions of all the apps and games. You can download those from our webpage.

How to Download OG WhatsApp?

How do you Connect the OG Whatsapp Pro APP with your PC?

You can connect OGwhatsapp to your PC/Windows by logging in to WhatsApp web.

  • Open your browsers and type “WhatsApp web.”
  • A QR code will appear on the screen.
  • Open the app on Android, and from the 3 dots, go on to “linked devices.”
  • Scan the QR code, and you have to connect your app to the PC. 

Difference between Standard Whatsapp and OG Whatsapp

 Both are social apps but have crystal clear differences. The following table will let you know all the differences.


  • OG Whatsapp
  • Attractive icons and emojis
  • Hide last seen option
  • Add group name with 35-character space
  • Make a call to any unsaved number
  • Share 90 images simultaneously
  • Share longer videos


  • Standard Whatsapp
  • Standard and official icons and emojis
  • You can hide anything
  • You would have only 25 character limit to add the name of the group
  • Save the number to make calls
  • Allows only 30 photos to share
  • Trim videos to 2.5 minutes to share

What are the Downside of OG Whatsapp Pro APK?

Although the social sharing app is perfect for users with extra features, some limitations exist. These downsides are;

  • Share 90 images, but keep looking for their sent status. Sometimes, they may not be transmitted, and you may face any issues.
  • You can send video of any length. However, it would help if you had a strong internet connection; otherwise, video cancellation may occur repeatedly.


Get the perfect social app by downloading OGWhatsapp APK with pro themes, anti-ban, call blocker, and perfect dialer. You can call any user without saving his contact, schedule your messages, keep a group name with 35 characters, and send 35 images and videos. Enjoy better themes and appearance with this pro version.


This app is not standard and thus is not safe. The standard version is the safest version of WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, till now, no version for the iOS has been released. If there would be any, we will share it with you.

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