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Mario Run Mod APK


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Mod FeaturesHD Graphics, Unlimited Coins, Free Shopping

Do you want to join Mario on an exciting adventure in colorful worlds? Try Mario Run Mod APK, which is a game where you play Mario and cross through levels, avoiding barriers and enemies to reach the end. You will get unlimited money, customization settings, and unlimited rally ticket features like in Call of Duty. Download now to explore and enjoy this enhanced Mario adventure.

This mod APK is a modified version of this game, offering enhanced features developed by Nintendo. It was updated on March 12, 2024, and the size of this game is about 82.7 MB.

Gameplay Mario Run Mod APK

Playing this mod APK is easy and fun. The game features Mario running automatically through different levels. Your main job is to control his jumps. To make Mario jump, tap the screen. If you hold your tap longer, Mario will jump higher. As you move through the levels, try to collect as many coins as you can. These coins are scattered throughout the game and help you unlock various items and features.

Moreover, be careful to avoid enemies and operate by timing your jumps correctly. You can also find power-ups during the game that give Mario special abilities, like invincibility or higher jumps. The goal of each level is to reach the end, which unlocks new stages and challenges. Enjoy the exciting adventures and challenges that come with this mod APK.

Excellent Mod Features of the Mario Run APK

This mod apk has the following excellent features, which are discussed below:

Unlimited Coins

With unlimited coins, you can buy anything you need in the game without worrying about collecting them during gameplay like in God of War. This feature allows you to unlock characters, purchase power-ups, and customize your experience with ease. It removes the grind, letting you focus on enjoying the game and exploring its various aspects without financial constraints, making it more fun and less time-consuming.

Unlocked Characters

In Mario Run Mod APK, all characters are unlocked from the beginning like in Stumble Guys, so you can choose to play Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and more without completing specific challenges or spending coins. This feature gives you immediate access to a variety of characters, each with their unique abilities and styles. You can switch between characters and enjoy different gameplay experiences right from the start.

Mario Run Mod

Unlocked all Levels

All levels are unlocked, allowing you to play any stage from the very beginning. This feature gives you the freedom to explore different levels and challenges without having to progress sequentially. You can jump straight to your favorite levels or tackle the most difficult stages at your own pace, providing a more flexible and personalized gaming experience.

Unlimited Rally Tickets

In this game, you can participate in the toad rally as many times as you want. This feature allows you to continuously compete and earn rewards without worrying about running out of tickets. You can challenge friends and other players frequently, enhancing the competitive aspect of the game and helping you improve your skills and rankings.

Mario Run

No Ads

The no-ads feature removes all advertisements, providing a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience like in Gangstar New Orleans. Without ads interrupting your gameplay, you can fully immerse yourself in the game and enjoy it without any distractions. This makes the game more enjoyable and allows you to focus on progressing through the levels and challenges.

Infinite Lives

It ensures that you can keep playing without worrying about running out. This feature allows you to continue attempting difficult levels and practicing without any downtime. You can play as much as you want, making the game more engaging and allowing you to master each level without the frustration of limited lives.

Customizable Controls

It allows you to set up the control scheme that works best for you. This feature enhances your comfort and control during gameplay, making it easier to navigate through levels and perform actions. You can adjust the controls to fit your personal preferences, making the game more user-friendly and accessible.

Mario Run Mod APK

Free Shopping

It enables you to purchase items, power-ups, and characters without spending real money. This feature makes it easier to access all the in-game content and enhances your gameplay experience. You can experiment with different items and strategies, making the game more versatile and enjoyable without any financial restrictions.

HD Graphics

The mod may include HD graphics, providing a more visually appealing experience like in Nova Legacy. Enjoy better visuals, smoother animations, and improved overall aesthetics, making the game more immersive and enjoyable. The upgraded graphics can make the game feel more modern and engaging, enhancing your overall experience.

Mario Run APK

How to download the Mario Run Mod APK for Android?

To download the latest version of this mod APK on your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Visit our website and download this mod APK file.
  • Go to your device’s settings, then to Security, and enable “Unknown Sources” to allow the installation of this game.
  • Open the downloaded file and tap “Install.”.
  • Once installed, open the game and enjoy the mod features.


Download Mario Run Mod APK, which offers a fantastic gaming experience with features like unlimited coins, unlocked characters, and no ads. With unlocked and customizable controls for all levels, you can enjoy seamless and exciting gameplay.


Yes, it is 100% safe. If you download it from our website, it should be secure.

Yes, you can enjoy this mod APK offline once it’s installed on your device.

Yes, the modded version is free to download and play, with enhanced features.

This mod APK is not compatible with iOS devices as it is designed specifically for Android platforms.

No, this mod APK is designed for mobile devices and cannot be played directly on a PC. 

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