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PublisherIDBS Studio
Mod FeaturesHD Quality Videos, Friendly Interface

Kucing APK can take you to the world of Animation, where you can enjoy comics and animated movies for free and play with unlimited animated characters. The animations are diverse, with subtitles, allowing you personalization and high-quality video content like in Hentairaiser. This will enable you to do a smart search to find content of your choice for free. Download the Kucing app, an animated pink app for your favorite anime characters.

This entertainment app is free and light in weight. The size is just 16.3 MBs. It originated in Japan, but now it is available with Indonesian and English subtitles for all anime lovers. The app’s top bar has a search bar where you can search for your all-time favorite TV serials and animated movies. 

Key Features of Kucing APK

The Kucing Pink app has the following attractive features;

Kucing APK

User-Friendly Interface

The app is responsive and user-friendly, with integrated subtitles in multiple languages. The Interface makes it easy for the reader and the viewer to see and understand the content like in Snaptube. Moreover, there is a push notification to add any update from the developer.

Animated Characters

A vast collection of anime series and full access to all the anime characters is available on this app. There is a long list of animated entertainment content. A user can select from the gallery and play it.

Diverse Collection

There was Japanese content at the start, and then Indonesian dubbed content was added. Now, the app has vast content with all the dubbed language subtitles for global users of animated media for entertainment. There are Bahasa redubbed movies and videos.

All Subtitles

This APK is of Japanese origin but is now available globally for all users. You can watch shows, movies, plays, and series in all languages dubbed with subtitles in this app.

Full Customizations

Users can fully customize their profiles to set their watch experience of these anime. Set your preference according to your taste and favorite characters.

High-Quality Videos

You can select the format and quality of the content. Yvideon opts for HD quality and OTT service. This will enhance your watching experience. 

Kucing App

Free Entertainment

There are no charges for the Entertainment app. You must use your login details to enter the entertainment world and watch your favorite series. There is no subscription, and all the entertainment is free to all users.

How do you Download Kucing Pink APK for Android 2024?

This app pink cartoon can easily be found on the latest version of this app by following the steps.

  • Go to the device settings and “allow unknown sources.”
  • Visit our webpage
  • Find the Kucing APP download button
  • Tap on the button to start the downloading process
  • Go to the file manager and install the application
  • Open the app and start watching cartoons and anime
  • You can use this method to download all the old versions as well.

You can download old versions of Kucing APK as well for more entertainment.

  • Kucing APK V2.5.4.2
  • Kucing APK V1.0.5
  • Kucing APK V2.5.2.5
  • Kucing V1.0.7 APK
  • Kucing V1.0.8 APK
  • Kucing V1.04 APK


Download Kucing APK, a pink cartoon and Animation app for entertainment. The app is free, has diverse sources of HD quality, and has subtitles in diverse languages. The app is pink in color. Still, you can customize its interface and colors to your preference. The built-in player for better quality videos. Moreover, always try to get the app from a reliable source like


This APK is an entertainment app with anime and cartoons for children.

Yes, this is a free app with all the sources and anime characters.

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