Cast Receiver Mod Apk | Latest v1.6.6 (Premium Unlocked)

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Cast Receiver Mod Apk


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PublisherInstantBits Inc
Mod FeaturesEnjoy Favourite Content, Entertainment Hub, Content Sharing

Cast receiver Mod APK comes with a premium subscription for free and unlimited multimedia viewing. This application is with all unlocked media sources for Android and Windows Computers like in Backdrops. This tool has compatibility with all the broadcasting agencies and you can configure it with all the other broadcasting.

The viewers can enjoy multimedia content from different broadcasting sources. These multimedia files can be videos, music, images, and audio files. Moreover, you can share these with your friends using other devices. This app is just 11 MBs in size and has millions of downloads. It is a quick and easy way to connect with the entertainment world.

Key Features of Cast Receiver Mod APK

The Cast receiver has the following Key Features;

Enjoy Favourite Content

If you are a fan of movies, videos, sounds, and music, you can have a better experience of it. Make your leisure time enjoyable and memorable. Share all your data with your friends and any other broadcaster.

Cast Receiver Mod

Entertainment Hub

HD videos and music library will be with all the entertainment at your hand. The device will help you to make an entertainment hub for free. Enjoy high-resolution content with just a single touch.

Your personal space will be more spacious with this tool. Cast receiver will help you to get all the content you are passionate about. All the video content will be of high quality.

Content Sharing

Users can share all the data including pictures, music, videos, audio, and images from any broadcasting device with your friends. This can make any of your entertainment impressive and memorable. 

Cast Receiver Apk

This will enhance your multimedia experience. Enjoy smooth play on the media. There is a big space and thus you can share and store your content freely and easily. This tool is quite flexible and easy to use.

Broadcasting from any Device (Android and Windows)

You can share, connect, and view content from anywhere. You don’t need any complex tools. All this will be on the Castreceiver Mod APK. it will give you personal storage space.

From your device, select the broadcasting device and app. This will be set and you can use it for your further connection easily. All this will enhance your experience.

Cast Receiver

HD Quality Content

Cast receiver Mod APK supports all the formats of multimedia content. These content types will be of high quality. The video and sound quality will be high. Every movie and music content is of high quality and better performance.


  • On this Cast receiver Mod, the DRM streaming not supported
  • It is not all Devices supported 

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