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Mod Featurescut 4K editing, Keyframes, Slow Motion, Templates

Are you looking for a video editing tool to give life to your memories on social media? Capcut Premium stands out as a video editing software offering professional-grade editing tools. This powerful application simplifies the creation of stunning videos with some attractive features.

Users can effortlessly incorporate slow-motion effects, enhance images through retouching and background removal, utilize auto-cut, and choose from a variety of templates, filters, stickers, effects, and emojis. CapCut also features a unique 3-D zooming effect making your videos ideal for sharing across social platforms. Download the Premium version of our website and enjoy all these advanced capabilities.

Capcut Premium APK

Capcut Mod Apk was developed by Bytedance, renowned for its innovative social media tools, It has over 10 million downloads globally and is compatible with Android devices running on version 5.0 and above. This free video editing app transforms ordinary videos into captivating videos, enhancing their appeal for social media platforms. While the app provides extensive editing features, some functionalities are exclusive to the paid versions. However, the modded versions offer all editing needs without subscription fees.

Key Features of Capcut Premium APK

Image Enhancement

You can Easily adjust colors, brightness, and warmth to enhance the appearance of your images with just a few clicks. This feature is great for making your visuals look more vibrant and polished.

Capcut APK

Slow Motion Effects

Add ultra-slow motion to your videos to highlight details and create dramatic effects. It’s perfect for emphasizing important moments or capturing intricate actions in high-quality videos.

Keyframe Animations

This apk Premium helps you to choose from a variety of animations to add dynamic transitions at the beginning or end of your videos. This feature helps keep your audience engaged by adding professional-looking effects.

Picture in Picture (PIP)

To give a better look in a new way, combine multiple images or overlay photos onto your videos seamlessly. This feature allows for creative storytelling by integrating visuals within your main video content.

Background Change or Removal

Easily remove or blur backgrounds to make your main subject stand out. CapCut’s AI-powered background remover lets you replace backgrounds with solid colors or scenic views, enhancing visual appeal.

Multiple Templates

CapCut Pro APK has pre-set templates with animations to enhance the look and feel of your videos and reels. Popular templates like the 3-D Zoom add dynamic elements to your edits.

Capcut Premium

Ad-Free Editing

Enjoy uninterrupted editing sessions without ads, ensuring a smooth workflow and enhanced focus on creating high-quality content.


Save time with built-in frames and filters for quick video and reel editing. This feature simplifies the editing process, making it easier to create videos efficiently.

Music and Tracks

Access a vast library of royalty-free music tracks for integration with platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Choose the perfect soundtrack to complement your video’s mood and style.

Texts and Stickers

Customize your videos with a variety of stickers, text, emojis, gifs, and animations. Experiment with different fonts, styles, and shadow effects to make your content more engaging and visually appealing.

Capcut Premium App

Stunning Video Effects

Use trending video effects like FPS lag, Camera Shake, and Glowing Effects to make your videos stand out on social media platforms.

Chroma Key

Combine videos and photos with different backgrounds using Chroma Key, a professional feature that adds a dynamic and adventurous touch to your videos.


Correct shaky footage with CapCut’s stabilization feature, ensuring smooth and professional-looking videos without unwanted motion distractions.

3-D Zoom

Add depth and visual interest to your videos by zooming in and out dynamically with a 3-D effect. This feature enhances video dynamics, making your content more captivating and engaging.

Attractive Image Filters and Effects

Explore a wide range of unique filters and effects such as Beat Filters, Cinematic Effects, and Glitch Effects to add creative flair to your videos.

Capcut App


Download Capcut’s latest Premium 2024 version as it includes a feature for generating QR codes in various formats such as vector files, print-ready PDFs, and high-quality image formats. You can personalize these QR codes with logos, text, emojis, and images to reflect your identity. Available on Android, iOS, and PC, Capcut APK makes QR code creation easy. 

To generate a QR code, open the Capcut app, select your preferred format, customize it with your chosen elements, and download the final version to share on social media.

To improve your photos, open the app, tap “AI Product Photos” on the home screen, choose a photo from your gallery, select a background with your preferred color and texture, and then export the edited image.

Capcut APK allows you to incorporate AI-generated models into your videos. You can customize the models’ color, outfit, and appearance by opening the app, selecting the AI Model icon, choosing a model and the desired products, and applying your changes.

To use the AutoCut feature, open Capcut Premium Pro APK, select the auto-cut option, and follow the on-screen prompts to allow the app’s recommended settings. Then, upload your videos from the gallery to use the AutoCut options.

The best feature is its support for 4K 60fps video export and 3-D animation, making it ideal for exporting high-quality videos without compression. 

While you don’t need a VPN, however, using one can enhance the security and privacy of your data. 

It allows for edited videos of up to 15 minutes, which might be a limitation for some users. 

To add captions in Capcut, navigate to the text section, select auto caption, and click the create button to add captions and subtitles. 

For adding a green screen background, go to settings, select the color you want to remove, and apply the overlay to keep other elements.

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